Payton Pull On Denim Joggers in Medium Wash

Y'all have not lived until you've tried these JB joggers! They are ultra stretchy for ultra comfort but also jam packed with SO MUCH STYLE! This is the hottest style on the market! That being said, typically denim joggers are 100% cotton and feature no stretch! Not these... they are one of the stretchiest and softest pairs of denim you will ever put on! As dramatic as it sounds.. they're pretty life changing! You will wear these for every road trip, every flight, and every time you want to look like AMAZING but also want to be comfortable! 

Experience the perfect fit and style in the Payton Pull On Denim Joggers from Judy Blue! Made with a high rise and zero distressing, these medium-wash joggers offer an elastic waistband, functional drawstring, and patch pockets for a comfortable, adjustable fit. With an optional rolled cuff, you'll look and feel effortlessly chic. Are you ready to feel confident and stylish? Try Payton Pull On Denim Joggers today!

    • Zip Fly
    • Elastic Waistband
    • Functional Drawstring
    • 4-Way Stretch
    • Optional Rolled Cuff
    • 94% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 1% Spandex

First: If you're new to women's odd sizes, take your highest even size and subtract 1 (this is NOT sizing down).  If you straddle two even sizes, your true odd size is the middle size. That is then your starting point for every pair (and is not sizing down).  From there follow the fit for each individually. 

Next is fit for this pair: These are quite possibly the stretchiest and softest Judy Blues ever.. and that is saying A LOT!!  Y'ALL EVERYONE CAN SIZE DOWN 1! They have an adjustable draw string, super stretchy elastic waist, and so much stretch in the legs, too! These are your new go-to, favorite pair of jeans that go with everything!

SIZES 1-15: Size down 1 for a very relaxed fit; if you saddle two sizes go down 2! 

PLUS: SIze down 1 from your true size!! If you want a lock and loaded fit, you can size down 2!






  • 0/24: Waist 26" Hips 35" Rise 9.5" Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"

1/25: Waist 27" Hips 36" Rise 10"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
3/26: Waist 28" Hips 37" Rise 10.5"

Cuffed Inseam 29" Uncuffed 31"
5/27: Waist 29" Hips 38" Rise 10.5"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
7/28: Waist 30" Hips 39" Rise 11"

Cuffed Inseam 29" Uncuffed 31"
9/29: Waist 31" Hips 40" Rise 11"

Cuffed Inseam 28.5" Uncuffed 30.5"
11/30: Waist 32" Hips 41" Rise 11"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
13/31: Waist 33" Hips 42" Rise 12"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
15/32: Waist 34" Hips 43" Rise 12"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
14W: Waist 34" Hips 46" Rise 12"

Cuffed Inseam 28.5" Uncuffed 30.5"
16W: Waist 36" Hips 48" Rise 12.5"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
18: Waist 38" Hips 50" Rise 13"

Cuffed Inseam 27.5" Uncuffed 29.5"
20W: Waist 39" Hips 51" Rise 13"

Cuffed Inseam 28.5" Uncuffed 30.5"
22W: Waist 40" Hips 55" Rise 13.5"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"
24W: Waist 44" Hips 56" Rise 14"

Cuffed Inseam 28" Uncuffed 30"

Model Amanda is wearing a size 0/24
Model Kirra is wearing a size 13/31

  • $72.00