About Us

Blondie & Bru was born, like most great ideas between friends, over chips and queso. And at that table in St. Louis, two margaritas in, we KNEW we were going to open a boutique together. And so we did. With a combined love of fashion and the desire to make shopping easier and better, we used Chelsea’s boutique background and Katy’s business acumen and sales experience to create Blondie & Bru. With our friends and loyal customers in mind, we’ve worked to create a shop of easy to wear, classic looks. We love a great pair of earrings, the perfect dress, and tops that can take you from brunch to cocktails. We know the power of the perfect accessory and a great pair of jeans. Our goal is to help you fill your closet with those pieces so you always have a ready and stylish outfit for whatever life throws your way. Thanks for visiting our shop, and we hope to see you again soon!

XO, Katy & Chelsea